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Session Info

I am a Natural Light photographer.  This means that I don't use flashes, or external lights.  I also do not commonly use backdrops (except for solid colored ones) or props.  My style is very modern and clean, and I like to focus  mainly on the person that I am photographing.  I offer both Natural Light Studio Sessions and Outdoor Sessions.  Natural Light Sessions take place in my spacious, bright, downtown studio (perfect for Sitters, young children, families, and Headshot Sessions.  Outdoor Sessions will be at a location of your choice (within the surrounding greater McAllen area.

Kids and Family Sessions

My style is very natural and casual, not traditional or formal, so expect your children to have fun!  The more comfortable a child is, the more likely they are to be natural, and that is when I capture my favorite shots. I prefer children to play and be themselves, and...the more relaxed parents are, the more relaxed and natural children will be.   

Sitter Sessions

My favorite age to photograph babies is during the time period where they are comfortably sitting up, but are not mobile yet.  This varies from baby to baby, but it usually falls within the 6-10 month age range.  If you would like to capture this phase, make sure to schedule early.....trust me, it is a fleeting stage! 

Teens/High School Seniors

I LOVE to photograph High School Senior Sessions!  It is such a special time in a teen's life, and it begs do be documented. I offer two types of Senior Sessions...Downtown (we will walk around downtown and stop wherever I see something interesting), and Natural (green spaces, parks, woods, ponds, etc...)  Make sure when choosing you type of session, you consider your teen's style and preferences...you can see samples of both kinds of sessions in my Seniors Gallery here on this site, or on my Facebook page.